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We are the leading platform for cannabis industry investing

QwikLeaf empowers investors to grow their wealth outside the stock market by curating private market alternatives from top investment managers.

Accuracy and Trust

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Our team does the due diligence on cannabis assets to provide the best opportunities possible to investors. 

Every asset undergoes a strict process to analyze the property for potential returns, liquidation value, return on investment, and overall condition as a potential long-term investment asset.

Clarity and Practice

Portfolio and Asset Tracking

Our proprietary investment platform give investors control and transparency into their portfolio. 

Our Final Thoughts:

QwikLeaf was founded in 2018, although our technology and business has evolved, our mission has remained the same: empowering investors with cannabis assets and technology. That’s why we obsess over things like minimizing licensing fees, frequent candid communication, and developing smarter tools that provide better insights. 

We provide access to alternative investments previously reserved only for institutions and the ultra-wealthy. Our mission is to help millions of people generate $2 billion of income outside the traditional public markets by 2027. We are committed to making financial products more inclusive by creating a modern investment portfolio.

Welcome to the future of cannabis investing.

We offer investors a seat at the table previously reserved for cannabis insiders only.

Neil Biafore
QwikLeaf, CEO

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